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The value of art

“A human activity having for its purpose the transmission of the highest and best feeling to which men have risen.”
On the purpose of art – Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910).

“If a painter wishes to see beauty that enraptures him, he has the power to create it. If he wishes to see things that are grotesque…  or laughable, or are truly pathetic, he is the lord and master of them…Whatever lies in the universe-in essence or imagination-he has first in his mind and then in his hand.”
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519).


These powerful quotes describe beautifully the purpose for my art and this web site.

Art is a unique form of communication which transcends all languages, cultures and time. Use of this media has been popular since time immemorial and many artworks have made impacts on their societies. Countries and cultures take pride in their collections of art like paintings, photography, sculpture, architecture, literature, composers and designers, etc. Art is the nation’s greatest treasure on a par with its land and language – passed on from generation to generation.

Artists can take even more of a stand in the culture in which they live, and the government and its commerce would benefit from allowing more voice and input from the art community. This site is designed to showcase Australian artists who can be classed as the creators of a better world. After all, the world is what we create… This is a group of artists that is imagining and striving for a great place to live in.

Art that inspires a contribution from the viewer is great art. Art that inspires something new and beautiful, or any kind of betterment to an existing situation, or even simply shows the beauty of a flower or a scene, and sends a message that the environment is worth looking after – has done its job.

I want to encourage the public and “consumers” of art to buy art for the purpose of having their life enriched. This will also support the artist, the dreamer and creator of beauty in ALL things.

Ela Mierzecka-Pain
Down Under Art  Online Gallery

Opening picture, Oil painting "The shades of autumn", by Ela Mierzecka-Pain, private collection

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