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Fine Art for Sale

 "Friend or Foe"


Oil painting on framed canvas.

Size: 762 x 1016 mm

Price: Email for details please

This painting portrays the energy of saviour of foe. The impression of two birds over a sea are showing this concept with a creative flair. Vivid colours and bold brush strokes are aiding the strong feeling of energy.


Butterflies' prayer.jpg

 "Butterfly prayer - Do not take my       colours away..."

Oil painting on framed canvas.

Size: 91.5 x 37.5mm

Price  $ 1,400.00 plus postage.

This painting is an environmental call to stop messing the environment, especially to large corporations that pollute this planet. The colour-less butterflies portray  the nature that is suffering. 



"Evening glow" 

Oil painting on stretched canvas


Price: $ 700.00


This is a very relaxing painting, an impression of  evening glow of golden light.

The Energy of Earth.jpg

"Everything is energy"

This is an acrylic painting. Depicting the vibrant energy around us.

Painted on stretched canvas. Please enquire about the postage it will depend on the destination. 

Price: $1,600.


Autumn Magic2.jpg

"Magic hues of nature"

This is an oil painting, lovingly painted with dots of paint, thus it took a long time to complete the image.


Price: $ 2,000.00

Please send an email enquires for postage cost and arrangements.


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